John Goodman, the acting powerhouse literally stunned the world with his jaw dropping transformation in the recent times.

John Goodman weight loss

The actor who was mostly seen with a big frame now looks almost half his size.

John Goodman Vital Statistics:

Age: 65 years.
Zodiac Star: Gemini.
Height: 6 feet 3 inches.
Weight loss: 100lbs.

The Missouri native has surprisingly, overcome his fat image and has rolled back the clock to his younger times.

The tall and talented Goodman has weight issues from a very young age, but he has always tried overcoming them with different approaches.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t manage to sustain healthy weight for too long, after he would resume to his former living habits.

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This time, he has used a rather different approach and is determined to follow it lifetime for the sake of health and fitness.


As per Goodman’s rough estimation, the scale tipped to 400lbs before he decided to transform himself.

John Goodman transformations

Of course, weighing over 180kgs puts you at an increased risk of several health complications and Goodman was no exception.

His alcohol abuse and many other poor lifestyle choices were known to us, all of which were having a great toll on the actor’s health.

Had he not taken the alarming situation of his growing weight seriously, he might have faced some serious repercussion by now.

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John Goodman moviesWhile many set goals before embarking on a weight loss journey, Goodman’s approach was different.

According to him, he has no target in mind, neither he weighed himself before getting started.

In addition to this, Goodman was not even noticing his progress on the scale and even to this date, he is uncertain about how much he has actually lost.

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All in all, he has one thing in mind, to lose weight, and in the best healthiest of way!

Dan Conner of Roseanne never stressed himself with figures. He was fine with gradual, but progressive results.


John Goodman weight loss was more of surprise for his audience and legion of social media fans.

In fact, saying this would not be wrong that his transformation stirred a great level of curiosity amongst his fans that were more than eager to learn how John Goodman lose weight!

Interestingly, the actor revealed that he finds shaking off the unhealthy weight way simpler than sticking to a healthy weight.

As stated earlier, he has many a time, lost weight but has never managed to sustain his results, unlike this time.

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Hence, when asked pertaining to the formula that worked for him, he credited workouts and portion control for his fitness.

He further revealed that he controls his weight by not following the habits he left for good.

John Goodman after weight lossThe crux of John Goodman diet is portion control. He eats well, and in limitation.

While talking about his previous weight loss attempts, the actor added that his method was to deprive himself of food which would work for him in the short run, however, his weight would come back days after he would go back to his old living habits.

But contrary to the past, he chose a wise technique this time.

John admitted that since he is aged now, he cannot just let things happen the way they are.

That is, sitting and witnessing his weight increasing with every passing day was not something he should have let.

.Hence, he was fine with slow shedding, but was eager to choose healthy methods.

Therefore, he decided to go on a portion control and John Goodman workout,  all of which contributed to his healthy weight.


John Goodman before and after photos is good enough to set an example for people who pay no attention to their fitness as they start to grow old.

John Goodman before and after weight loss photos

Indeed, healthy weight is equally important for young and old and one must not delay in taking measures to counter problems related to health.

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The actor further expressed his desire to follow his new lifestyle which is not just healthy, but also rewarding in many forms.

Well, we wish John Goodman best of luck!